5 Reason Why University Students Should Own A Personal Blog

why do i need a personal blog as a student

Why should a student start a blog? Blogging  in my own understanding, involves a personal web page in which a person would talk about their daily activities and as well sharing their knowledge with others (readers). The benefit of blogging is incredible, especially for youths, they can improve their writing skill which will stick with them for a long time so far they didn’t divagate from researching and writing. Their thinking ability would be in a continuous development, and they will get used to some words surrounding them.


Below this post, I will be explaining why students should blog and own their own personal blog

  1.  Blogging improves student level of creativity
  2. Blogging allows people to express their creative thinking into a fun creative process that many people would love to read and share with friends.

As a blogger, you are expected to use your creativity and thinking to

  1.  Develop unique, original and readable content
  2.  You should be able to respond to their follower’s feedback, comment and try to solve problems
  3.  you should be able to custom theme, headers, layout, and design


2 Writing To Boost the Brian

Regular writing sharpens the brain performance, the most important benefit of blogging is to develop student thinking ability. The specialist has proven that writing daily could improve (Writing Skill, Thoughts and Experiences), the student should be encouraged to start a personal blog and create a portfolio around it, and it will also help a student big time when they seek for their first jobs or go for their first job interviews.


3 Communication Skill

Blogging can improve student communication skill, writing is a type of communication that people use in order to share, exchange thought and feelings. Continuous practice through blogging makes communication more fun.


4 Self Promotion And Confidence

When you are promoting your content on the social media, you as well promoting yourself and telling people how good you are at writing and other skill you have. Confidence comes into play when you can respond to feedback without feeling edgy, then you will notice that the level of your confidence has increased

5 Earn Income

Do you know that you can earn $100 to $200 monthly blogging as a student? How?  you can start monetizing  your blog by doing affiliate marketing, e-commerce, consulting and  AdSense publishing

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