How To Make Your First $100 On Fiverr As A Student

best selling gigs on fiverr

Best selling gigs on Fiverr is what most Fiverr workers are seeking for, but before i move to the topic let me introduce you to Fiverr

Introduction You To Fiverr And Explaining Some Teams

Fiverr is a marketplace where products and services are sold. It is a freelancing site where you hire the services of freelancers to either purchase a product or services

Fiverr Terms You Need To Know

Gig: This is a name given to any product or service on Fiverr

Seller: Is a person who offer gigs for sale

Buyer: Is a person who buys gigs from a seller

Level 1 Seller: Any seller who has been on the platform for 30days and must have made 10 sales with a minimum of 4.5-star reviews

Level 2 seller: Any seller on the platform for more than two months and must have had 50 sales and a minimum 4.5-star reviews

Top Rated Seller: Any seller handpicked by Fiverr editors. The seller must have been in the platform for more than two months and must have a minimum of 4.5 star reviews.

Reviews: These are comments about your gig and they are rated by buyers.

Ranking: This is when fiverr increases your gig position in the platform. The benefit of high ranking is that you will get more buyers to your gigs.

Okay, that’s enough. Let’s move on to other areas:

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Some Secret You Need To Know Before Creating A Fiverr Account

Profile Secret

The major secret about the profile is gender. Why? Buyers prefer to patronize females than males. So you have to choose being a woman and sale or be a man and get it the hard way lol. Don’t mind me , above all your skill speaks for you whether you are Female Or Male

Also, your profile picture is very important. Use a female with a decent dress, not exposing curves.

Gig Secrets

The truth is making sales on fiverr is not by magic but by professionalism. The gig you create and offer for sale on fiverr matters a lot. Create gigs that people are interested in.

Another important thing about gigs is the description. Try and find catchy words to describe your gig. Don’t forget to also encourage them to place an order at the end of your gig. Assure your buyers they will be 100% satisfied.

Gig’s Price Secret

After creating your gig, set your basic price to be $5 even though the service worth more. When you get more than 5 orders to increase the price to $25 or more depending on your gig.

Ranking Secrets

To rank high, you need to get positive reviews on your gig. So create two buyers account from another laptop. I repeat, another laptop, different from where your main fiverr account is. Then order your own gig and leave a 5star rating and positive review on your gig. In my case, I did not do this but this trick works very well. It convinces potential buyers that your gig is reliable.

Also, send traffic to your gig url by sharing it on social media. Thus will boost your ranking and may end up in the hands of buyers.

What Are Best Selling Gigs

They is no best-selling Gigs , but there are some best selling gigs on fiverr that can put a pretty smiles on your face . To find know, fiverr always show what buyers are searching for and they select the most popular searches. Best selling gigs on fiverr include logo designs, email marketing, data entry, animations, illustrations, voice overs, translation, consultancy, articles, guest posting, link building, facebook fun etc  


Why Communication Is Very Important

This is where many sellers miss it all. Some buyers will wish to send you a message to know more about your gig before they order. Discuss with them politely and raise their hope and confidence in you

If your buyers request you refund their money because of any reason, kindly accept to refund to be on the safe side. You know you went in through the window, so if you get reported to fiverr, a microscope will be used to view your account and if they find any small thing, you are blocked and your funds lost.


How To Withdraw Fund From Fiverr?

Withdrawing fund is very easy and simple, but  before you can withdraw any revenue generated from  a particular gig, the order must have been marked complete and reviewed for 14days. So after 14days of clearing your fund, it will appear in the Available for withdrawal box from there you can withdraw into a paypal or payoneer account. I suggest you use a payoneer account to receive your funds if paypal is not allowed in your country

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How Can I Get People To Trust Me As A Nigerian And Buy From Me On Fiverr


This is only for Nigerians who want  to sell a product as a USA citizen or whatever. Before you sign up on , be  sure you have set up your vpn. Visit to know your current i.p address, if it is showing US (or your desired foreign country) then proceed to and register. It is very easy, Upload your female photo. ( why a female photo? Is likely to get more customer with a female photo then a guy photo)

Create your first gig. I suggest you create one gig each on  the following

Email marketing,


Promotion in your blog.

After that, you have to set up your price, describe your gig, list the data you want from your buyer regarding the gig in the required field. Upload a photo related to your gig (you can get one from Google). Before you publish, you will be requested to add your phone number for verification, don’t worry, and add your Nigeria phone number starting with 234. Verify and hit publish. Your gig will go live.

Note:  do not use MTN network to avoid delay in receiving the verification code

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