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How To Drive Traffic To Your Website With Chatfuel Bot

How to configure your chatfuel facebook messenger bot

Today i will be teaching you how you can drive thousands of traffic with chatfuel to your website blog or your online shop, let me introduce you to chatfuel bot, and how it works.

Chatfuel is the leading bot platform for creating AI chatbots for a Facebook page which can linked with an existing facebook page. This gives an auto-respond to anyone that is writing to your facebook page, but instead of talking like a human to human, your bot talks for you following the response you have input the bot.

How To Open A Chatfuel Account

  • Visit and click on “Get Started For Free” button
  • A window will prompt for you to sign in with Facebook and give Chatfual permission to receive your public profile and email address
  • Once you click on “Continue”, you’ll be redirected back to Chatfuel. “Connect” the page that you just created in the previous step
  • You should now be logged in to Chatfuel and see a Welcome Message

if you have issues connecting your page, you should first check if you are the admin of the page, because the only admin is allowed to join page

Perfect let me guide you on some basic things you need to do before even imagining how to drive traffic with Chatfuel bot

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How To Configure Your Chatfuel Bot For Facebook Page Messenger

Welcome Message: The welcome message is used to describe your business or to let visitors know how your bot can help them! If you don’t set up a welcome message text, your user will get the default message from the bot

Bot Response Key Words: Set up key phrases and the corresponding bot replies. Your bot will understand user phrases similar to those you’ve set up and reply with some text or a block you have added to it.

Have done this above significant thing, we will head to the broadcast set up. But before that let me start with some important thing you need to know, which is getting a user to subscribe to your chatfuel bot.

To get subscribers to your chatfual bot, you have to enable “Send Message ” On your Facebook Page. I believe you know how to do this?

After that, you have to enable chat on every post you publish on your page, so when user reply to the page there will be automatically subscribing to the bot, and you can broadcast to them anything.

If you want thousands of subscribers? Please read this post to the end because I will share my secret right here on this article, but it will be in conclusion.

How To Broadcast To Your Chatfuel Subscribers

>On your dashboard click on “Broadcast” icon
>Click on “Deliver Your Message Now ” to write down your broadcast and also add the essential images you want for the transmission
>You can add photo by clicking on the image icon
>You can add text by clicking on the text icon see the image blow 

Great since you read this article to the point, let me now share the secret on how to get thousands of subscribers to chatfual bot. These are a personal discovered method.

Step 1
>>Create a Facebook post with a female photo asking the audience to chat you up, but do not forget to add the send message button on an image before publishing to your facebook page.

>>After that, you have to join group base on your niche or any group, share your page post to those group and anybody who replies or send a message to your page will be automatically added to the bot

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Step 2
>>You can set up Facebook ads with the caption chat me up if you want to learn how to make $100 monthly. Just give any catching caption, and you are good to go, don’t forget to add “send a message” button as seen in the image above

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