Chatfuel Is Not Dead Yet , Learn 4 Way to Monetize Your Bot Traffic

chatfuel monetizing methods

Chatfuel recent update has affected many users, But we understand that some of your chatfuel bots don’t currently generate revenue due to one reason or the other, I put up this article to guide you on how you can monetize your chatfuel bot and earn pretty money with it.

Here are some fun & creative ways to start monetizing them (especially if you have tons of users):

1 Segment subscribers based on their location and refer them to a local business in your niche.

2 Create quizzes that give subscribers personalised product recommendations. Promote your product or use an affiliate link.

3 Partner with relevant sponsors and charge them per click to share their content (blogs, videos, giveaways, etc.) with your subscribers.

3 Give surveys and provide market research data to companies whose target demographic is similar to your chatfuel subscribers.

Please comment below if you’d like more of these tips! , we can update this post for more

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