Automatically invite people who like your FB Page posts to like your Facebook page

Invite People Who Like Your Viral facebook Post to Like Your Page

How can I automatically invite people who like my posts to like my Facebook page has been the major question most page admins ask? Today I will be explaining it in details on how you can invite users that liked your Facebook page post to like your page, before we proceed here are some necessary things you need for the tutorial

  • Chrome browser
  • Facebook page
  • Extension
  • The script for massive invitations

Before you can start inviting your “engagers” (users) to like your Page, there are two things  that have to be done:

  1. You need to be logged into Facebook (desktop version, not mobile) and be using your Page as you (i.e. not being logged in as your Page).
  2. You need to have at list 1 and above likes on your post
  3. Inviting Script (You need to save this script below on your computer notepad )
  4. var buttons;buttons = document.getElementsByClassName(‘_42ft’);for (var i = 0; i < buttons.length; i++) {if(buttons[i].getAttribute(‘ajaxify’) != null){if(buttons[i].getAttribute(‘ajaxify’).indexOf(‘invite’) != -1){buttons[i].click();}}}

I assumed that you have saved the script on your computer notepad? Do you know that they are so many methods you can use to invite fans to like your page ?: those methods are as follows

1 Manually Method

2 Extension Method

3 Script Method

But I will be focusing on how to invite people who liked your facebook page post to like and follow your page using script code method, below are the steps you need to ensure a successful invitation

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How to invite people who like your Facebook fan page to like and follow your page

Launch your chrome browser and open your Facebook fan page, scroll down to your posts and choose the one with likes, click on the like icon to view those that have liked the practical post, as shown in the image below

likes icon

Right-click and select inspect and allow the window to load, click on console and press CRT+ L to clear Console, then past the script code above and hit enter

facebook fan page likes

Once the scripts show undefined below, just know that the invitation is completed. You can move to the next post and do the same till you are done inviting


this is a very simple method and you can gain more likes to your page by showing your posts to your facebook group and other groups

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