How To Make Money With Your 50k+ Facebook Page, Using Instant Articles

First, you need to visit Facebook Instant Articles website and click on the signup button to get started.
You need to install Instant Articles plugin and follow what is required to do on your facebook page.
After that, you need to claim your URL.To claim your URL you need to add a meta tag to your HTML’stag and then add the URL to your settings.

If you are continuously getting Empty Feed error when submitting your Instant Articles feed, then check the URL you are trying to add.

You need 10 articles in order to submit for review, personally, i get articles from articles factory, you will get approved in 2 days maybe 3 (it depends on the day you are submitting)

After you get approved all you have to do is complete all the payout information, you have two options either with bank account or using a verified PayPal account THIS IS IMPORTANT YOU NEED A REAL AND A VERIFIED PAYPAL ACCOUNT!, personally I prefer to use bank account & after you complete all required payout information you are ready to create articles. Ads will be served automatically in your articles. Feel free to reply here or inbox me if you have any problems getting this done !! 🙂 ENJOY

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