How To Get A Quickteller Online Loan Without Collateral

how to borrow money online without collateral

Quickteller Online Loans? Surprising right,  Quickteller is payment gateway platform that offers a quick loan in Nigeria with no queuing, no loan application and no collateral.funny?

Are you looking for a way to get a  quick loan or borrow money online in Nigeria? interswitch payment gateway offers you a quick way to get a loan without collateral, below is a well-explained procedure  to request a loan form Quickteller

Requirements For Quickteller Online Loan

  • Quickteller verified account
  • Working ATM card
  • You should have at list 5 to 6 transaction history to be eligible
 How To Get A Quick Loan Online From Quickteller
  1. Login to Quickteller from >>  and select a pin for your ecash
  2. Click on the Request loan icon and fill the box

3. Select Loan Option (here you will see the available loans

4.Select the amount and click next, then accept loan by inputting your card details, then after you should click on the Accept loan to complete the loan request

Note Your transaction history will be accessed to evaluate your loan eligibility

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