Is Your Android/iOS Device Charging Slow? Try This 8 Tips

How to Fix Slow charging on Your Android/iOS Device

Slow charging problem? slow charging is one of the biggest problems smartphone users in Nigeria are facing due to poor power  supply , well I can remember back then in the days when I was using Infinix mobile device, My smartphone displayed” it is going to take 6 hours to charge complete…. but when I first got the phone it was charging very fast, about
20-30% up under an hour… which was impressive, but what do I get after some months?  I now have charge the phone overnight just to use it for an hr?

a few days back, I asked my self this question: What causes my phone to charge slow? Is it the battery or the phone???? what can I do to solve this slow charging problem and boost the discharging hr of the phone, a minute later. I figured out this slowing charging solution below.

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How to Fix Slow charging on Your Android/iOS Device

1 Turn On Airplane Mode: Turning On airplane mode on your smartphone can boost charging process by decreasing the charging time. On the other hand, it will prevent you from using your mobile phone while charging

2 Close All App Running In The Background Do this: Close and End all the applications that are running and Turn off WiFi, followed Bluetooth and GPS

3 Do Not Use Power Banks: Most of us do not know about the effect of power bank, well power bank is not that bad. but you should try as much as you can to avoid using a power bank that is blow your battery capacity in charging  your phone

4 Avoid Charging From Your Laptop:  A lot of us do this including me, it is still not the best idea because USB ports on Computers are meant for transferring data between the two devices,  it does not have enough power to charge a device rather it gives it a slow down charging. if you must charge from the laptop you should consider connecting your device to a USB 3.0 (blue) port.

5 Battery Replacement: have you been using your phone for 1 year or more? you should consider changing the battery, if not your phone might take 7hrs to charge and discharge in 1hr

7 Replace The Charging Cable: Most time, the problem is from the micro- USB Cable or USB Cable. These cables working efficiency decreases over time and therefore affect the rate of current flow from the cable to the mobile device

8 Get A New Charger Head: You should purchase a new (original charger) or purchase the UK used of another device with high charging ability

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